File Formats

Your mix must be sent as stereo .wav or .aif file, ideally at a 24-bit word length, though 16-bit is also acceptable. We can work with all sample rates of 44.1 kHz and above, and generally recommend that the mix be left at the same sample rate as it was recorded with. Compressed formats, such as .mp3, .mp4a or .wma, are not suitable for mastering, as they are not of a sufficiently high quality.



     Clipping and Limiting

Make sure that your track does not clip (exceed 0 dBFS), as this causes distortion of the signal which may become audible during mastering. Whatever you do, please do not apply any limiting to the whole mix, as this can create unpleasant sounding artefacts which cannot be undone during mastering.



     Levels and Loudness

You should aim to achieve a mix where the levels peak somewhere between -6 to -3 dBFS. This is the ideal range for mastering. Do not apply any effects to your mix which are designed to make it louder. Your focus should be on getting the mix to sound as good as possible and leave us to get it up to a commercial level of loudness. We do this using a combination of tools and techniques, and the end result is usually better than any normalising or maximising plugin you may be using.

Suitable for mastering audio image
Bad for mastering audio


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